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Specific directions around the Hospital are supplied with your appointment letter. There are also guides at the main entrance who can direct you to your department.



Car parking space at the Southampton General is limited. We recommend that you come by public transport or taxi if you can. There may be a queue for the car park during peak clinic and visiting time (typically 10am to 3pm). If you come by car during these times, please allow extra time.

Please note that parking is very limited. If you are coming for an Out Patient Appointment, please consider to be dropped off at the Main Entrance or if possible to use public transport. Please also be aware that on occasions there can be a 40 minute delay for parking depending on site demands.

Please ensure you park in a marked area - emergency ambulances need 24 hour a day access and incorrect parking could put lives at risk. Vehicles parked on double red lines or inappropriately in other areas will be clamped and face a £75 fee.

If you need assistance, at each of the entry and exit barriers and all the Pay on Foot Stations there is an information button which will put you through to a parking officer or security. This is staffed 24 hours a day.


Long stay parking

There is a long stay ticket for patients and visitors which allows unlimited parking from a week and up to a month. Charges start from £12 for a week and £36 for month. Please obtain a note from the ward stating the patient is staying long term and bring it to the Travelwise Office, located at the top end of the SGH site on the Tremona Road side.


Cycles and motorbikes

Motorbikes park free, with spaces allocated on the ground floor of the main car park. Hoops to lock cycles to are located near the main entrances.


Southampton General Hospital

The entrance to the site’s main parking in the multistorey car park is off Tremona Road at the top, northern end of the site. When parking in the multistorey car park, collect your ticket on entry and keep it with you. On your return, and before you arrive at your vehicle, insert your ticket in one of the pay on foot machines (located on the ground floor by the entrance to the car park, and outside the main hospital entrance) and pay then for your stay. This ticket is then used to exit from the car park.

Some additional parking spaces are available at the bottom southern end of the site below the Eye Unit and Neurological Centre, with the entrance off Coxford Road. There is one “Pay on Foot Station” within this car park located near to the exit barriers.

Vehicles higher than 6’6″ will not fit in the multistorey car park and need to use the car park at the south of the site, entrance off Coxford Road.


Travelwise department (manager: Peter Holloway)

The Trust’s Travelwise office is located at the top end of the Southampton General Hospital site on the Tremona Road side, in the Old Nurses Home, across from the multistorey car park.

The office is open 8.30am – 12.00pm and 1.30pm – 4.30pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am – 12.00pm and 1.30pm to 4pm Friday. There is also an office at Royal South Hants Hospital, which is open on Wednesday from 9.00am – 11.30am.

If the opening times vary these will be posted on the office doors.

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