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Rachel Carter & Sam Prior

Sam Prior (Chair) – Trustee

Hi, I am mum to Aaron 15yrs old, and Jadon 13yrs old. Aaron was born with a complex heart condition, Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) which was diagnosed at my 20 wk scan. Aaron has had the 3 planned stages of surgery for his condition, the last major op was in 2005, he will need further surgery sometime in the future but here and now he is doing fantastically well.

After a long period as a stay at home mum I finally took the plunge to become a “working” mum in October 2010 as a “Projects Co-Ordinator” for a Nuclear Engineering company. I set up the coffee mornings for Ocean Ward families about 6 years ago and from there with the support of E1, myself, Jo Dyper, Susan Van Wyk & Rachel set up “Families of Ocean Ward” of which I am a Trustee and Chair Person.

Rachel Carter (Honorary Vice Chair) – Trustee

Hi, everyone.  I am a mum to Hayden (Feb 2007) and Owen (Nov 2011).  Hayden is my heart child and he has congenital complete heart block and dilated cardiomyopathy (related to his pacemaker).  He had his 2nd pacemaker in January 2013 and hopefully that means quite a few years now without any further surgery.

I am a Preschool Assistant in a pre-school as well as looking after my 2 boys and I volunteer for Families of Ocean Ward, helping to organise events, keeping an eye on our facebook and website pages and general running of the charity.

Emma Cooper (Fundraising & Merchandise) -Trustee

Emma Cooper

Hi I’m Emma and I’m a mummy to Bailey 6 and Charlie 3. I found out at my 20 week scan charlie had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We was very shocked and scared at the time but Charlie is doing amazing and is now on 6 monthly check ups.
I’m a stay at home mummy and volunteer for Families of Ocean Ward charity as fundraising and merchandising – trustee
Emma ❤❤

Kate Dalton (Emergency Packs)


Kelly Sparks (Treasurer)

Kelly Sparks

Hi, I’m mum to Logan, 5, and Amie, 3. At my 20 week scan we were told that Amie had complex congenital heart disease that affected the right side of her heart. She was born with tricuspid dysplasia, severe tricuspid regurgitation, pulmonary valve stenosis, grossly enlarged right atrium and an ASD. She had her first open heart surgery at 10 months old and will be having more surgery this year.

I’m a military wife and stay at home mum as well as volunteering as treasurer for Families of Ocean Ward

Di Hardy (Raffle Prizes)

Di Hardy

Hi I’m a mum of two our second child at the 20 wk scan detected something wrong with his heart.  Since then we’ve been part of a family here at ocean ward. Where they have not only looked after Alfie with amazing care but the whole family with love and support.

Alfie was born with double inlet left ventricle, TGA, ASD, PDA, mitral valve stenosis, BT Shunt 08.10.2014 (removed 24.4.2015) Bi-directional cavo-pulmonary correction (BCPC Glenn)-April 2015. Balanced translocation of chromosomes 15 & 17.
I try and provide whatever I can to help towards the charity’s raffle for Christmas for the families and try and help give back what I can to show the appreciation we have for the ward.

Updated Aug 2018

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