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Bed Area

At each bed (except nursery and highcare) there is a tv & dvd and a notice board for cards. The ward has a supply of dvds and games or you can take your own.

There is a parent bed available at each bed space (except nursery and high care).  Alternative accommodation on the ward will be arranged for a nursery or high care parent.

Because space is limited in the ward  both parents  are unable to to stay with children.  Rotary House is a charity run house for relatives and is a five minute walk away where alternative accommodation may be available. Accommodation is free although a £20 deposit is requested and returned.

Mellor House is seven minutes walk away. The house is provided by the hospital trust and costs £7 per night for each parent or £12 per night to other family members.

If you need help to book accommodation for family members please ask the ward clerk or your nurse for details.


Meals are supplied for your child and you should let the nurses know if  your child has any special dietary requirements.  Snacks are always available in the ward kitchen and if you would prefer to bring in your own food please label your food in the Fridge/Freezer.  You may use the kitchen equipment, including the microwave to prepare drinks and food.  A Tesco Metro is approximately 10 minutes walk away.  Parents and family members can also use the hospital restaurants and you may qualify for a discount during hospital stays.  Please  ask the Ward Staff for details.


Washing Facilities

There are showers and a bathroom that you can use as and when you need to. There is also a disabled toilet and shower if needed.


If your child is at school, the hospital will arrange for a teacher to work with them on the ward and liaise with your child’s own school or college.  If they are well enough they may be able to attend the hospital school.


There are  several computers, Playstations and X-Boxes on the ward.  The computer can be used to email friends and family.


Monday to Friday activities are organised in the Playroom.

Teenage Room

There is a purpose built chillout area for teenagers.  Internet access is available and is supervised.  Other recreational facilities are available in the room.

Electrical Equipment

You may bring in your own electrical items to the ward but the plugs will need to be checked by the hospital electrician before use.

Paediatric Cardiac High Care

When you child comes back from intensive care they will be nursed in the high care ward.  This area has a higher number of nurses and special equipment to care for them.  As they get better they will return to Dolphin Bay or a side room if available.

Fire Safety

Fire alarms are tested once a week on a Monday morning. You will hear intermittent alarms sounding for about 20 seconds. In the event of real fire the alarms will sound continuously until the area has been made safe.  An intermittent alarm means there may be a fire in other areas near you.  In both cases the ward staff will instruct you what to do and when.