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On this page you will be able to read about some of the projects that we have used the funds raised from our supporters.

Financial Support

Many of our heart families spend many weeks on Ocean Ward at any one time and this can be quite costly, we therefore provide financial support to those families in need.

In certain circumstances we are able to assist towards travel expenses as some families have a significant distance to travel to the ward.


To date we have purchased several Coagulation Check machines, these machines are used to test INR clotting levels in a child who takes Warfarin tablets. INR levels have to be checked regularly and by having a Coagulation Check machine at home the family are able to avoid frequent trips to the hospital to have the test done.

This year we have purchased an IPAD & educational apps for the Cardiac Liaison Nurses to enable them to educate patients and their families on their childs heart condition.


Contributions towards other equipment such as buggies, wheelchairs and other essential items which help to make life a little easier at home.

Special Projects

We are always looking at ways to improve life on Ocean Ward for families.  Therefore we have invested in a few special projects to help families on their stay to the ward.  Please feel free to email us at with your suggestions on future special projects.

For the new mums parents room we have purchased, new bed and mattresses, lighting and soft furnishings.

For the parents room we have purchased, bed side cabinets, lighting, chairs, stools and table.

For Dolphin Bay we have bought a new fish tank along with new fish to brighten up the day for children after the old tank sprung a leak. We felt this was a necessity on the ward and it was sadly being missed by patients.



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Resources for children

We have purchased a number of resources for use by the patients and siblings during their stay on Ocean Ward.

These include:

Xbox Kinect

Arts and Crafts

Construction toys






Paultons Park – For the last 3 years we have been fortunate to have received from Paultons Park an allocation of tickets to the park. Due to the number of families that showed interest in attending this event, we purchased an additional 130 tickets to allow all families to attend that had applied.

Christmas Party – We have an annual Christmas Party with entertainment, buffet, drinks and presents from Santa for the heart children and their siblings.